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9 Love Heart Necklaces That Will Impress You

The Ultimate List of Heart Shaped Necklaces!

Last updated: 28/09/16

It’s no secret that Love Heart Shaped Necklaces are one of the most popular items when it comes to jewellery. People buy them for themselves, their partners, their friends or even their sister – They’re VERY popular!

We’ve compiled a master list of all of our favourite ones from around the web, we’re going to be adding to this quite often so make sure you check back to see what ones have made the list.

So let’s get started with 8 Heart Necklaces that will impress you!

1. 3 Heart Gold Silver Gold Necklace

3 Heart Necklace


What we love about this one is its unique gold-silver-gold design.
This is a beautiful piece that’s very unique and will impress anyone who sees it.


2. Heart Shaped Opal Necklace

Opal Heart Necklace


Are you a fan of Opals? This is the perfect choice for you - Make sure to check it out


3. Double Heart Necklace

Double Heart Necklace

via Private

Unfortunately, this is a private one that we couldn't find the source for. If you want to get your hands on this one you'll have to search far and wide.


4. DIY Heart Wire Necklace


5. Silver Sisters Necklace

Sisters Heart Necklace


If you have a couple of sisters, this is the perfect option for you. Its silver in colour and can be split into 3 pieces so you can each take a piece with you. This can also be used by the closest of friends.


6. Sideways Heart Necklace

Sideways Heart Necklace


This is simply a beautiful gold heart necklace, you can't go wrong with it. For something like this you definitely want to keep it safe inside a jewellery box.


7. Black Choker Heart

Checker Heart Necklace

via Sanrense

Not really the gold wearing type? This black choker is unique, sexy and rebellious all in one.


8. Beautiful Choker Heart Necklace

Beautiful Heart Necklace

via Stargaze

A stunning gold heart checker necklace that will suit almost anything you decide to wear it with. Its a favourite of ours and we know you'll love it too.


9. Kissing Gold Hearts

Kissing Heart Necklace

via Athropologie

The kissing heart is a very unique piece of jewellery that we know you'll love. Its design is like no other.