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Small Red Jewellery Box

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Small Red Jewellery Box - On Sale Now

Perfect for Rings, Bracelets & More! 

If you have a small collection of jewellery or are looking for the perfect gift idea for friends or family then this Small Red Jewellery Box is the perfect thing for you.

We all know the pain of losing your favourite ring down the side of your bedside table or on the bathroom sink, you’re constantly looking for your daily jewellery but they keep disappearing on a daily basis.

You know the perfect thing for you is to have a special place to keep your special pieces safe, a place where they won’t get lost or damaged.

The Important Information:

  • 28cm x 24cm x 16cm – The Perfect Size for a Small Collection
  • 1.4kg in Weight – Light Enough to be Versatile but Heavy Enough to Know it’s Made from Quality
  • Red Premium Piano Finish – Looks Absolutely Stunning, a Real Masterpiece
  • 3 Sections – Multiple Sections to Separate Your Collection
  • Black Lined Bottom – Soft to Touch and Wont Mark Your Furniture
  • Black Lined Interior – Simply Beautiful Interior that Feels Like Silk 
  • Ring Role for Rings – Specially Designed Section for Your Ring Collection (up to 10 Rings)
  • Great Gift Idea – The Perfect Gift for Jewellery Lovers or People Who Are Hard To Buy For

 Size, Weight and Layout

The overall size of this small jewellery box is 16cm wide along the front, 21cm deep from front to back and 8cm high. This is a slimline model that can be placed in a large number of places due to its small and lightweight design.

The front section is the largest section and can be home to bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings anklets or basically anything you can think of. It takes up half the box so there is plenty of room to add your collection – Some people even like to put their keys in there.

The back left section is perfect for smaller pieces like charms or even a watch. It is completely separate from the front so you know things won’t get mixed up.

The back right section is what we call a ring roll, in this section you can fit up to 10 rings comfortably (or more if you don’t mind them overlapping). They sit upright in a position on full display so you can see the piece you want to wear without looking through a messy box.

The ring roll can also be used for larger earrings if you have them in your collection.

What Can Fit in The Box?

You can fit 10 rings comfortably in the ring roll, the back section can fit a handful of charms, earrings or small pieces and the front large section can fit a handful of necklaces, bracelets and more.

It’s hard to put a number on the open compartments because it comes down to personal preference on if you want pieces on top of each other or not.

What’s the Box Made Out Of?

This product is made from high quality wood that is strong, durable and light weight. It has a gloss red piano finish that looks beautiful and feels amazing to touch. The back features silver hinges that are high in quality and very strong and the front features a silver buckle which gives great contrast to the coloured box.

The inside features a nice grey lining that is soft to the touch and high in quality, the bottom of the box also features a black felt fabric which ensures you won’t scratch any furniture that you place it on.


If you’re looking for a small beautiful and uniquely coloured jewellery box that is high in quality and will impress, then look no further. This product has been designed in a way to really maximise its small size without sacrificing quality.

Whether you want this for yourself or for a gift for someone this product will be the perfect edition for you. We have a hassle free returns policy on all items in our store so shop with confidence.

Buy with confidence today.